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Social Sparkles

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Social Sparkles

Presented by Visit Baltimore

Origin: Netherlands

Listen to an audio tour produced by Live Baltimore by dialing 410-934-7821; Code: 6

Reminiscent of fireflies on a summer night, Social Sparkles fills the air with a swarm of lights that move overhead as festivalgoers walk below. It creates a lively interaction between you, the light and others.

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About the Artist



Toer is a multidisciplinary design studio from the Netherlands, founded in 2011 by Castor Bours and Wouter Widdershoven. With there strong explorative and experimental approach, they are able to push both the aesthetical and technical boundaries of design while using a wide variety of media. Toer is working across various domains of the applied arts, such as light objects and installations, interactive experiences, and innovative products and interfaces.