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What Lies Beneath

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What Lies Beneath

Presenting Sponsor: Waterfront Partnership

Origin: Baltimore, MD

Listen to an audio tour produced by Live Baltimore by dialing 410-934-7821; Code: 15

What lies beneath the waves has always been mysterious. In the darkness of night, the mysteries intensify. Everyone who has swum in a lake, ocean or river in the dark knows this feeling—it is a feeling so ingrained it most definitely has followed life from prehistoric times. What Lies Beneath explores these mysteries by illuminating the world below the surface with creatures both natural and unnatural. A mix of animation and low resolution video will weave a tale of the ecosystem in an installation that is submerged and diffused by the murky water itself.

About the Artist


Formstone Castle

Formstone Castle is a small team based out of Upper Fells Point, Baltimore, bringing together the enthusiasm and diverse skillsets of many different communities to make art for festivals and events, as well as simply for the joy of creation. The projects are typically envisioned and produced by lead artist Michael Bowman, and made real through the efforts of numerous volunteers and collaborative artists, who bring a wealth of professional and amateur visual art, music, technology, graphic design, fabrication, and building skills and experience of all kinds to our projects, which evolve through the collective vision of everyone involved.