BGE Light Art Walk


7-11pm nightly; open until midnight on Friday & Saturday


Light City transforms Baltimore’s waterfront into an amazing spectacle of light, music and innovation.  From the south shore of the Inner Harbor to Harbor East, festival -goers can explore 1.5 miles of world-class installations – all free, accessible and open to the public.


This week-long event kicks-off in grand fashion on Monday, March 28 with the not-to-be-missed Creative Alliance Light City Lantern Parade at 7pm.




  1. The Big Wheel: Ride high above Light City on a LED Ferris wheel (Special thanks to Sherwood Amusements).
  2. Ekiben: Japanese-themed food and beverage destination, offering steamed buns, sake and other delights.
  3. Charm City Carousel: Special illumination on the Charm City Carousel, the perfect place for young and old alike to have fun.
  4. Take To Ro – Bridge of Lights: Baltimore Kawasaki Sister City Committee with Jessica Searfino (Baltimore, MD)
    Highlights two forms of traditional Japanese bamboo lanterns, anchored by the existing Japanese Stone Lantern visible in the Inner Harbor. The bamboo lanterns “Take To Ro” will form the installation, using varying sizes of bamboo stalks illuminated from within using LED lights. Along with several small “Andon” lanterns, the installation highlights a past and present interpretation of the Baltimore-Kawasaki Sister City relationship.
  5. Water Will Be Here: Eric Corriel (New York, NY) Site-specific, immersive video installation that imagines what it might feel like if sea levels rose to the point where Baltimore found itself underwater (Special thanks to the Maryland Science Center).
  6. Easy Landing Kenneth Snelson: (New York, NY)This 1977 sculpture is constructed of stainless steel tubes strung together with tension cables — a landmark of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.
  7. Digital Skin Live presented by Lifebridge Health: Interactive Station & Live Performances by Atelier Mateo M. (Canada) Light City visitors can witness artist Mateo M. perform live using his Digital Skin software and also attempt it themselves! The Digital Skin Public Version will allow participants to paint on their friends, seeing them digitally come alive by mapping their faces and bodies with colorful projected light and animated visuals. Each portrait will be recorded and projected at the installation and posted online.
  8. Lumen presented by Kaiser Permanente: Kristin McWharter and Steven Lyman (Baltimore, MD) Lumen is a visual art installation, performance, and interactive community space that allows users to draw with light across the Baltimore city landscape. Each night of the festival, Lumen invites local muralists and festival attendees to contribute to an illuminated 100’ fluorescent mural wall.
  9. Club Light City: Free headline performances by THOMAS DOLBY, DAN DEACON, ROBERT DELONG, ROBERT GARZA
    (of Thievery Corporation – DJ Set), DJ SPANK ROCK, DJ JAZZY JEFF, and TT THE ARTIST. Also on the bill: DJ Who, ELM, Brooks Long & Mad Dog No Good, DJ Kenny D, DJ Face, DJ Dhundee, DJ Tanz, DJ Quicksilva, Subtle Hustle, DJ Janko, Deltanine, DL Lil Mic and 9 Mile Roots.
  10. Community Beacons: Making Waves presented by Visit Baltimore Kinetic Frenetic: Jenn Figg, Matthew McCormack and David Fakunle (Baltimore, MD) A union of light and sound, ancestry and modernity, skill and imagination. Throughout this week-long piece, participants will listen to the traditional percussive rhythms of West Africa and sounds unique to the culture of Baltimore, while gazing upon patterns of light directly generated from the sound onto instruments and the canvas of the Baltimore Visitor Center.
  11. Glacier presented by Constellation Riki K (Baltimore, MD)
    Large scale steel and plexiglass installation illuminated by LED lights and projection running a 20-minute visual program with sound every half hour. The installation addresses global warming by telling a visceral story of a glacier’s birth to death.
  12. William Donald Schaefer Sculpture: Rodney Carroll (Baltimore, MD) Depicts one of Baltimore’s most innovative Mayors, the legendary William Donald Schaefer (1921–2011).
  13. Parts & Labor :Renowned Baltimore farm-to-table restaurant, owned by James Beard award-winner Spike Gjerde (Best Chef: Mid-Atlantic 2015), serving the best of Maryland food, beer and wine.
  14. Stad Amsterdam: Majestic three-masted clipper ship, visiting Light City from Holland; departs 3/31 (Special thanks to Sail Baltimore and the City of Amsterdam).
  15. Pipelines: Luminous Intervention (Baltimore, MD) Pipelines responds to critical issues happening in Baltimore through projections that touch on topics such as death in police custody, the Baltimore school system, and underserved youth recreation programs. Contextualizing events of Baltimore, Monday and Tuesday, 8pm; join the Tyrone West movement, Wednesday, 6:30pm.
  16. UP presented by Kaiser Permanente : Pilobolus (New York, NY) 150 festival-goers are invited to participate in a choreographed dance with LED umbrellas, filmed by overhead camera.
  17. The Beacon: The Barnycz Group (Baltimore, MD) A landmark multi-story cube built from hundreds of LED panels. The Beacon will engage, inform, and entertain festival-goers with Light City images.
  18. Light Up the Night! Stage: Performances featuring fire, illuminated puppets, projections, stilt walkers, drumming, spoken word, DJs, roving bicycle anagrams and more; confirmed talent includes Fluid Movement, Katherine Fahey & Annie Howe, Lynn Tomlinson and Colette Searls, Big Whimsy, Olu Butterfly and the Dew More Collective, Revolutionary Motion, Pyrophilia, Schroeder Cherry, Single Carrot Theatre, Creative Alliance and Thick Air Studios.
  19. Diorama :Michael Owen, Tony Byrd and Jay Herzog (Baltimore, MD) Artistic inspiration derives from the human interactions, natural surroundings and an endless array of cues in the city around us. Throughout a live 30-minute performance, light, dance, sound and paint cohabitate a life-size diorama, conversing with each other about city life.
  20. Pride of Baltimore II:Come aboard Pride of Baltimore II to learn about the history, mysteries, and lore about light and lighting aboard sailing vessels; Free tours 3/28–4/3, 12–3pm; Talks each day at 12:30, 1:30 & 2:30pm.
  21. Blue Hour Bar & The Nickel Taphouse: Food and beverage destination showcasing lite bites by The Nickel Taphouse, beer, wine and the winning drink from the LCB Blue Hour Cocktail Competition (Special thanks to the Baltimore Bartender’s Guild).
  22. Blue Hour presented by M&T Bank:  New American Public Art (Somerville, MA) Blue Hour is an interactive installation that responds to activity around it. The work is named after the blue hour of the morning and evening, when the indirect light is blue, and first/last reds and yellows of the sun are visible.
  23. Human Effect: Yandell Walton (Australia)  Projection speaking to environmental issues that is responsive to interactive touch by festival-goers (Special thanks to the World Trade Center).
  24. World Trade Center & Sondheim Plaza:  401 East Pratt Street Vintage 1959 Ford Baltimore Police Department patrol car (Special thanks to BPD and PRG).
  25. Guest Services & Access Center: The World Trade Center lobby is the one-stop shop for Light City attendees: accessibility services, lost and found, official programs, schedules of docent tours and other key information (Special thanks to Accessible Festivals).
  26. When Worlds Collide :Curated by Lynne Parks (Baltimore, MD) Exhibition featuring artists Rose Anderson, Bonnie Crawford Kotula, Lynne Parks, Elisabeth Pellathy, Nicole Shiflet and Chris Siron. Also enjoy an amazing birds-eye view of Light City. Top of the World, World Trade Center, 27th floor (Admission; Top of the World is open 3/29, 10am–10pm; 4/2, 10am–11pm; 4/3, 10am–10pm).
  27. Under Sky/One Family :Mark di Suvero (New York, NY) Iconic steel sculpture, circa 1980.
  28. Plaza :Scott Pennington (Baltimore, MD)  A collection of gate-like illuminated structures inspired by carnival rides, theater marquees, and the Las Vegas Strip.
  29. Laser Lotus presented by Whiting-Turner:  Nisha Ramnath and Brian Gonzalez (Baltimore, MD) Interactive sculpture that uses planes of laser light to create a volumetric lotus on the water. It blooms and closes nightly, awaiting collaborators to create their own light show using 12 interactive touch pads.
  30. Into the Zone (Anthology of Accounts and Findings): Rachel Guardiola (New York, NY) 16mm footage, appropriated from natural history film, that places the viewer into the first person perspective of an explorer, the universal onlooker navigating through the constructed narrative of a future past landscape (Special thanks to the National Aquarium).
  31. Morgan State University presents Sound Off Live!:  Local bands compete for the opportunity to perform at the 2016 Artscape, America’s largest free arts festival, and Baltimore Book Festival; (Monday & Tuesday, 3/28 & 3/29, 5–10pm, Special thanks to performance venue Hard Rock Cafe).
  32. 1,001 Lux: Symmes Gardner (Baltimore, MD)  A custom built, multi-story tower featuring a three channel video and audio installation that explores light as an emotional and architectural determinate by using appropriated imagery from a variety of films from different eras and genres. Overall program loops every ten minutes.
  33. Natural Lighting Emulator V: Lisa Dillin (Baltimore, MD)
    A fabricated overhead canopy that simulates natural dapples of sunlight, as they would be experienced by festival-goers from beneath the tree tops.
  34. Pixel Promenade: Radiance — Erin Barry Dutro and Kyle Steely (Baltimore, MD) Colorful LED canopy interacts with festival-goers through motion sensitivity and displaying words sent to the installation via Twitter.
  35. Gateway/Baltimore: Quentin Moseley (Baltimore, MD)
    Animated neon on nine 8’x8’ geometric modules, slowly builds shape and color patterns, coming together with a final complex, unified frieze of color. Dedicated to all citizens of Baltimore…coming together with a dense complexity of color, diversity of culture, and respectful unity.
  36. Projected Aquaculture: Kelley Bell and Corrie Parks (Baltimore, MD) A prismatic underwater landscape populated by fanciful silhouettes of fish and creatures found in the Chesapeake Bay (Special thanks to the IMET Columbus Center).
  37. Mini Light City at Pierce’s Park presented by Transamerica: Young people’s makers tent and family-friendly entertainment, free play at the Homophone sound garden designed by artist David Hess (Baltimore, MD), and fanciful refreshments like BricknFire pizza, LED cotton candy by Spin-Spun and El Loco Taco’s Mexican crepes; open 7–9pm nightly; open until 10pm on Friday and Saturday (Special thanks to Waterfront Partnership).
  38. Circus of Wonders: (Baltimore, MD)Waterside sideshow featuring carnival performers, along with a neon-colored menu of cocktails, beer and wine.
  39. Peacock presented by Greater Baltimore Committee:  Tim Scofield and Kyle Miller (Baltimore, MD) 20’ tall animatronic bird whose illuminated plume opens to 40’ across.
  40. Lightwave: Baltimore’s Beacon presented by RGB Lights Design Collective, Inc.: (Baltimore, MD) Projection of light and sounds on the historic Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse (Special thanks to Historic Ships and WYPR).
  41. Voyage presented by Brown Advisory: Aether & Hemera (United Kingdom) 300 “paper boats” with rainbow-colored lights that are manipulated by festival-goers.
  42. Pyrrha presented by Whiting-Turner: Robby Rackleff (Baltimore, MD) Projection and sound installation that is a fantasy
    re-imagining of the Baltimore Harbor as an industrial fortress of unrestrained growth — a riot of motion and color, an endless machine of unknowable production.
  43. Diamonds Light Baltimore presented by Legg Mason: Cheon and Kroiz, Artist and Architect Collaborative (Baltimore, MD) 15 larger-than-life LED Diamond sculptures create illuminated landscapes of fabulous proportions and signify two Baltimores, one prosperous and hopeful and the other in a state of permanent emergency. The light will change from white to blue at 10pm recalling last April’s citywide curfew.
  44. Dear Baltimore: Thick Air Studios (Detroit, MI) Luminous letters float seven feet above bicycles propelling them through the streets. The riders arrive from various directions, moving through the crowd, and as they form a line, their neon letters spell out phrases composed of the letters from Dear Baltimore.
  45. Trash Wheel presented by Constellation, Key Tech & Waterfront Partnership: The world’s first floating trash collector, powered completely by renewable energy, has removed hundreds of tons of trash from the Baltimore Harbor including 7 million cigarette butts (Special thanks to Key Tech).
  46. Water Wall presented by Brown Advisory : Greg St. Pierre and Andrew Bernstein (Baltimore, MD) A series of animated images projected onto a large-scale, interactive water screen that is installed in the harbor and uses the Patapsco River as its water source.
  47. Labyrinth presented by Kaiser Permanente: Ian Brill (Pittsburgh, PA) Immersive, large-scale, modular maze, pulsing with sound and light; designed specifically for this site.
  48. Wit & Wisdom — Official Bar of Light City: Home to Harbor East’s striking waterside views, Wit & Wisdom of the Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore will offer a special “Light City Menu” featuring appetizers and cocktails inspired by nearby light installations.
  49. Harbor East Eats! presented by The Atlas Restaurant Group: Food and beverage destination celebrating the eclectic restaurants, bars and eateries of the Harbor East neighborhood.
  50. The Concert Stage at Harbor East: Local and regional bands in a variety of genres including hip-hop, jazz, pop, R&B, rock, ska, classical, contemporary choral, world and electronic; featuring free performances by Clear for Takeoff, Dunson, Makina Project, Red Sammy, Symphony Number One, Telesma, The Bridge Ensemble, MC Booze Band, The Palovations, To The Moon, Todd Marcus Jazz Orchestra, Wordsmith, Bosley, Jocelyn Faro & The Ragazzi, John Somers, Marc Miller, Moss of Aura, The Players, Tom Principato, Saving Apollo and Speakers of the House (Special thanks to Harbor East Management Group).

Just Steps Away from the BGE Light Art Walk…


  1. In Light of History – Paul Rucker: Paul Rucker in collaboration with The Reginald F. Lewis Museum (Baltimore, MD) Artworks on Pratt Street from Paca Street to 830 E. Pratt Street, siting 8 historical sites and 3 embarking locations in the Inner Harbor relevant to the business of the slave trade in Baltimore.
  2. Convergence Maximus: Concert Artists of Baltimore and Baltimore Rock Opera Society – BROS (Baltimore, MD) The colossal worlds of rock and classical music collide in an epic musical fusion that features excerpts from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto and selections from original BROS rock operas, Murdercastle and Valhella; 3/31, 7 & 8:30pm, 4/1, 8 & 9:30pm; War Memorial Building, 101 North Gay Street; Free parking at the 510 E. Lexington St. garage (Special thanks to the War Memorial Commission, PNC Bank and Parking Authority of Baltimore City).
  3. Waiting Time: Nick Metzler (Baltimore, MD) The universal image of “loading/waiting” projected on the clock face of this historic Charm City landmark, which now houses studios rented by local Baltimore artists; Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower, 21 South Eutaw Street.
  4. The Pool presented by Kaiser Permanente: Jen Lewin (Boulder, CO) Colorful concentric circles that respond to the movements of festival-goers.
  5. American Visionary Art Museum: Medellin, Columbia, went from a cartel-dominated city with an annual murder rate averaging 3,600 people to being named an “International City of Peace.” This conference explores that inspiring transformation with speakers who include Kevin Briggs, Lily Yeh, Neal Peirce, Jackie Sumell, Terry Love and other global urban activists; 3/28, 3–6pm; American Visionary Art Museum, 800 Key Highway (Admission is free; To secure the required registration, email ).

Light City Also Features…


Light City U — Powering Social Change

March 28–April 2

Thought leaders and change-makers from across four key industries explore one question: How do we become a more responsible and equitable society? The diverse line-up of speakers includes Ray Lewis, Paul Rabil, Jad Abumrad, Vivienne Ming, Amita Shukla, Amy Webb, Shawn Dove, Freeman A. Hrabowski III, Dr. Leana Wen, Steve Case, Aaron Hurst, Robert Egger, Debbie Millman, Alex Laskey, Gaia, Wes Moore, D. Watkins and dozens more. To buy tickets and for scholarship information:

Social Innovation: 3/28 & 29, IMET Columbus Center at the Inner Harbor, 701 East Pratt Street

Health Innovation Conference presented by Kaiser Permanente: 3/30, Pier 5 Hotel, & 3/31, IMET Columbus Center

Sustainability Innovation Conference presented by BGE:
3/30 & 31, IMET Columbus Center

Creative Innovation Conference presented by Brown Advisory: 4/1 & 2, City Garage, 101 West Dickman Street (hosted by Under Armour)


Bright Lights Youth Festival presented by T. Rowe Price

April 1–2

A Space for Interactive Creative Experiences and Ideas

Bright Lights Youth Festival is a collection of conference and workshop opportunities that engage and inspire young people about social and creative innovation. For two days, Baltimore’s Columbus Center will be the hub for social education discussions, while creating a foundation for creative practices; 4/1 & 4/2, 2–7pm. Free!


Neighborhood Lights

March 28–April 3

Pilot artist-in-residency program that extends the magic of Light City by engaging Baltimore artists to work directly with five communities to develop temporary public art projects during the week of 3/28–4/3; Funded in part by The Goldseker Foundation.

Coldstream Homestead Montebello: Back In Our Minds, Isaac Ewart, featuring St. Veronica’s Steel Youth Orchestra, Joy Postell (4/2, 7–10pm, Clifton Park Bandshell,
2701 St Lo Drive)

Greater Mondawmin: Open Beats, Llamadon Collective
presented by BGE (4/1, 3–8pm, Mondawmin Mall,
2401 Liberty Heights Ave)

Hampden: #HampdenLights, Diana Reichenbach
(3/28–4/3, 7–11pm, 36th Street & 914 W 36th St)

Little Italy: il Tartufo Lucente, Joe Reinsel presented by Kaiser Permanente (3/28–4/3, 7–11pm, St Leo the Great Roman Catholic Church, 227 S Exeter St)

Station North: The Dark Lab, LabBodies (4/1, 5–10pm, Penn Station Plaza) Uncool, Wickerham & Lomax
(4/2, 7–10pm, Terrault Contemporary, 1515 Guilford Ave)


Kindling — Sparking community connections through conversation

April 3

Join residents from across Baltimore in guided conversations meant to deepen understanding and connection. Discover, share and celebrate our rich and diverse community; Sunday, 3/3, 1–5pm, Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Maryland, 1307 Eutaw Place (Bolton Hill); Free parking! More details:

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