Berlin Light Weeks Festival Project

The Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts (BOPA) and Berlin Leuchtet e.V. are pleased to announce that Baltimore-based duo Andrew Bernstein and Greg St. Pierre were selected to have their work displayed during Berlin Light Weeks®, one of Europe’s most illustrious light festivals. Their project will be projection mapped on the Brandenburg Gate for a two-night engagement October 7-8 alongside other curated installations during the 2016 Berlin Light Weeks®, September 30-October 16, 2016 in Berlin, Germany. A joint effort between BOPA, the producers of Light City Baltimore, the Berlin Light Weeks® and the Goethe-Institut, the selected proposal will be produced in collaboration with these institutions, offering a platform for cross-cultural dialogue between artists in Baltimore and Berlin.

One of Berlin’s most celebrated landmarks, the Brandenburg Gate lies at the heart of the city and the Berlin Leuchtet Festival. The project is meant to reflect on the different generations of German migrants that have made Baltimore their home beginning in the 1700s, and examine the story as a point of departure for migration narratives until present day. Beyond German immigration, this project aims to reflect the human spirit and the telling of diverse stories through media and moving image.

“The cultural synthesis and evolution that occurs in the meetings necessitated by migration are what we hope to highlight in our work,” said Bernstein and St. Pierre in their project proposal. “This will be represented as a web of interconnected nodes that spread out from multiple sources, making connections as they encounter each other, and changing in appearance as they connect. . . Eventually the gate will be covered in a dense array of infinitely diverse shapes and vibrant color that fill the entire gate. The piece starts lonely and stark and ends colorfully and powerfully, creating story arc and narrative about transformation, growth, and travel.”

Working closely with BOPA staff to develop the final project, the artists will receive a budget of $5,000 to produce the work, and will also be provided with additional funding to travel round trip to Berlin to install, produce and document the installation. Technical production will be provided and managed by Berlin Leuchtet e.V.

About the Artists

The Baltimore-based duo of Andrew Bernstein (b.1985) and Greg St. Pierre (b.1985) create multimedia installations, performances, and experiences that explore the relationships between the natural and the technological, image to sound, and complex systems to their constituent parts. Drawing on their shared experience in live performance, they craft immersive interactive environments driven by custom software that challenges audiences to see, hear, and act in new ways. As a duo and as individual artists they have performed and exhibited at Issue Project Room (New York), Pioneer Works (New York), Light City (Baltimore), Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art, Fort Worth Museum of Contemporary Art, Primavera Sound Festival (Barcelona), Villette Sonique (Paris), the Hollywood Bowl (LA), Taicoclub Festival (Japan), and Netmage Festival (Italy), among other venues.


The Baltimore Office of Promotion &The Arts is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization which serves as Baltimore City’s arts council, film office, and events agency. By producing large-scale events such as Light City, Artscape and the Baltimore Book Festival, and providing funding and support to artists, arts programs and organizations across the city, BOPA’s goal is to make Baltimore a more vibrant and creative city.