2016 Performances


Artists: Michael Owen, Tony Byrd and Jay Herzog
Baltimore, MD

Each night will represent a different theme/inspiration using live painting performance of Michael Owen, the choreography of Tony Byrd and the lighting design of Jay Herzog. Patterns and imagery will envelop the walls and acrylic panels as the dancers move through all panels of the diorama, appearing to float and dive through the space. The installation flows through movements corresponding to the day-to-day life of a Baltimore city resident.

Photo courtesy of the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts

Community Beacons: Making Waves

Presented by Visit Baltimore

Artists: Kinetic Frenetic (Jenn Figg, Matthew McCormack, David Fakunle)
Baltimore, MD

A union of light and sound, ancestry and modernity, skill and imagination. Throughout this week-long piece, participants will listen to the traditional percussive rhythms of West Africa and sounds unique to the culture of Baltimore, while gazing upon patterns of light directly generated from the sound onto instruments and the canvas of the Baltimore Visitor Center.

Photo courtesy of the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts

Digital Skin Live

Presented by Lifebridge Health
Artist: Atelier Mateo M
Montreal, Canada

Digital Skin is both a performance and an installation at the same time. The artist, Mateo Mounier fuses live digital painting techniques with projection. As audience members enter into the installation, they are invited to have a “portrait” of themselves, which Mateo digitally paints on to create compositions of ecstatic color and pattern. As the portrait continues to develop, it is live fed to the projector that washes the painted image over the participant. These images grow and shift throughout the process of Mateo’s paintings, and are then collected into an online gallery for others to peruse and share.

Photo courtesy of the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts

Big Whimsy

Stilt walkers from Big Whimsy light up the night with electric costumes and headdresses as they interact with the crowds and create balloon sculptures.  Guests can watch for their pop-up performances along the Art Walk.

Photo courtesy of the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts

Single Carrot: Ballet Ballistique

Ballet Ballistique is a movement performance that incorporates dance, clowning and music. The dancers wear inflatable bubble balls, decorated with LED lights. Single Carrot Theatre collaborates with artist, Shawn Cook, who specializes in robotics, LED design and game development and design. The result will be a visually stunning spectacle of game, play and movement.

Photo credit: Michela Caudill

The Amazing Traveling Light and Shadow Circus!

Crankies (moving panoramas) are an old-fashioned story telling device where an illustrated scroll of paper is mounted in a box. As the operator of the crankie turns the handle, the images scroll across the front of the box. The scroll is illuminated from the back and shadow puppets which are held behind the screen are seen through the scroll. The performers, Annie Howe and Katherine Fahey, are paper-cut artists and shadow puppeteers.

Photo courtesy of the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts

The Circus of Wonders

The Circus of Wonders creates and presents original live entertainment experiences for theaters, festivals,and special events. Our team is comprised of internationally renowned artists who specialize in individual shows, variety acts, and interactive arts. For Light City Baltimore, the Circus of Wonders will present continuous shows at the Waterfront Garden at Pier 5, featuring nine performers presenting juggling, escapes, fire spinning, and comedy throughout the week!

Photo courtesy of the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts


In a tribute to McKeldin Fountain, a cast of 40 presents a dance and roller ballet that celebrates the individual through light, sound and movement. A performance in three movements, the dancers “become” the fountain and water mirroring the life of the fountain, while engaging the audience in their performance.

Photo credit: Michela Caudill

Kendra’s Bay: An Interactive Digital Puppet

Kendra’s Bay  is a spectacle of live-cinema comedy, created by two of Baltimore’s own award-winning artists: animator Lynn Tomlinson and puppetry artist Colette Searls. Using a new digital puppetry app create at UMBC’s Imaging Research Center, Tomlinson and Searls have combined animation, puppetry, and street performance for this exciting Light City premiere. Featuring performers Alex Vernon and Sarah Olmsted Thomas (of the acclaimed Happenstance Theater), and a new digital puppet character, Kendra’s Bay points to the unseen effects of how we handle our cheap junk in an era of planned obsolescence.

Photo credit: Michela Caudill

Pilobolus: UP

Presented by Kaiser Permanente


Based in Connecticut, Pilobolus is an internationally acclaimed collective known for its diverse collaborations that ignore preconceived barriers between creative disciplines. The company is always creating things and explores ways of using the human body as a graphic and expressive medium.

Photo courtesy of the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts

Schroeder Cherry

Puppeteer Schroeder Cherry puts on a puppet performance that highlights the history of gas street lamps in Baltimore. Using props and illustrations based on historic photographs, the puppet explains to the audience the background of street lights in Baltimore and shares stories about the impact that early street lamps had on the city.

Photo: Artist Schroeder Cherry, photo by Robert Kidd

The Theater of Fire

Theater of Fire is a showcase of fire and LED performances employing dance, flow arts, circus arts, and music. The group will perform choreographed dances that bring unique, light up entertainment to the Inner Harbor, as well as interactive activities for people of all ages. The performance collective includes Revolutionary Motion, Pyrophilia and Luminescent Street Brigade.

Photo courtesy of the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts

What Was in Darkness Must be Revealed to Light

This collaboration of ten stellar area poets of regional and national notoriety with an accompanying DJ performs against a large backdrop of animated photographs. The poets deliver commissioned pieces reflecting on social justice issues. Youth poets will also present original work developed in workshops. These presentations will be curated by Olu Butterfly Woods.

Just steps away from the Inner Harbor

Convergence Maximus

The colossal worlds of rock and classical music collide in an epic musical fusion that features excerpts from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto and selections from original BROS rock operas, Murdercastle and Valhella. Located at the War Memorial Building, 101 North Gay Street (special thanks to the War Memorial Commission). Supported by PNC Bank.

Creative Alliance Light City Lantern Parade

To kick off the inaugural Light City Baltimore festival, the Creative Alliance Light City Lantern Parade will illuminate the BGE Light Art Walk with colorful floats, performers, stilt walkers, live musicians, community bands and drumlines. Steps off at the south shore of the Inner Harbor near Rash Field. The parade features music performances by 901 Arts Drumline, Tongue N Cheek, Twilighters Marching Band, N Full Motion Marching Band and Mariachi Rey Azteca.

Photo courtesy of the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts