Light City 2017 Map

BGE Light Art Walk


7-11pm nightly; open until midnight on Friday & Saturday


Light City transforms Baltimore’s waterfront into an amazing spectacle of light, music and innovation.  From the south shore of the Inner Harbor to Harbor East, festival -goers can explore 1.5 miles of world-class installations – all free, accessible and open to the public.


This nine-day event kicks-off in grand fashion on Friday, March 31 with the 2nd Annual Light City Opening Night Creative Alliance Parade at 8pm. The Creative Alliance magically transforms the BGE Light Art Walk with lighted floats, marching units, and costumed performers.



  1. ARGO by Jann Rosen-Queralt, Marian Ochoa and Kristen Walsh (Baltimore, MD) With light as a metaphor for the influence of water, this 70-foot free-standing sculpture and immersive environment will project the animation of what happens when light hits water. ARGO addresses events formed by water, and how Baltimore’s water systems are precariously changing. Programming, with support from the Maryland Science Center, includes interactive performances and workshops focusing on light’s characteristics.
  2. Impulse by Lateral Office and CS Design (Canada) This publicly activated light and sound experience will create an urban play space through 15 seesaws of various sizes. To activate them, one person sits down on each end. The seesaws, fitted with LED lights and speakers, then produce a series of beautiful sounds.
  3. The Pool [Reflect] by Jen Lewin (New York, NY) The Pool [Reflect] is an adaptation of The Pool and Super Pool that uses a system of interactive, reflective dichroic platforms to create a dynamic landscape of interactive light. During the day [Reflect] will shift in color and reflection, mirroring the sky within a walkable dichroic surface. At night, [Reflect] will flow and glow in full illuminated interactivity, engaging large groups in collaborative and connected play. Imagine a giant canvas where you can paint and splash light collaboratively or watch the floating clouds and skyscape shift in a Monet-esque reflection.
  4. THE DIVIDED LINE by The RE/PUBLIC: (BETHETO Studio, PI.KL Studio, LED BETTER Studio, k.lechleiter ARCHITECT, Elsa Haarstad) (Baltimore, MD) THE DIVIDED LINE is an interactive installation utilizing Virtual Reality (VR) to provide an alternate framework as an interpretation of an idealized construct to be inhabited. The light form itself divides into two chambers to be occupied by visitors who can engage the VR experience upon entering. This alternate reality will evolve and change over the course of the festival, providing visitors with new interpretations each day they interact with the installation.
  5. House of Cards by OGE Group (Israel) House of Cards is made of 128 light boxes in the form of playing cards, which in turn appear according to a choreography as a rhythmic play of light and shadows; virtually building up and breaking down; a vivid energetic play of light. Premiering in 2011 at the 6th Light in Jerusalem Festival, the installation was recently featured at the Berlin Film Festival and will feature a unique treatment of the cards exclusive to Light City Baltimore.
  6. Light Happenings Part II by Labbodies (Baltimore, MD) Building on their 2016 Neighborhood Lights project in Station North, Light Happenings is a site-specific multimedia installation and performance by lead artists Ada Pinkston and Hoesy Corona. The interactive installation will be activated with audience participation and live performances by regional and national performance artists.  Light Happenings will examine some of the most tragic moments in history and their connection to contemporary acts of violence in the United States.  In the face of such earthly horror, the question remains: Where Is Your Lighthouse?
  7. Kinetic Kauchii/Dekosofa by Formstone Castle Collective (Baltimore, MD) The Kinetic Kauchii/DekoSofa is a uniquely Baltimorean interpretation of the DekoTora truck aesthetic, transforming participant experiences during Light City. Dekosofa seeks to provide surprising and joyful encounters between the audience and the artists, as well as between and among audience members themselves. The DekoSofa’s aim is to inspire questions about community, neighborhood engagement, and sustainable transportation, as well as remind people of the inseparable relationship of humans and the Chesapeake Bay.
  8. OUR HOUSE by Tom Dekyvere (Belgium) Using an illuminated nylon fabric across the suspension bridge of Piers 3 & 4, OUR HOUSE illustrates togetherness and collaboration in contrast with nature and technology through the metaphoric symbols of sound and vision.
  9. my light is your light by alaa minawi (Palestine/Lebanon) Paying tribute to the humanitarian crisis in Syria, this light-installation embodies six human-scale figures representing of family made of a father, mother, grandfather, aunt and two children.
  10. sono:lumo by Heliotrope (Baltimore, MD) sono:lumo is an interactive installation that converts sound waves into rings of colorful light. It responds to environmental noise, such as your voice or a musical instrument, with splashes of color that propagate through the structure like ripples in a pond. It is inspired by sonoluminescence, where sound waves produce tiny flashes of light when gas bubbles collapse.
  11. L’Envol by PITAYA (France) A swarm of handmade, illuminated, exotic migratory birds will settle for a moment in the city of Baltimore. Their clean-cut appearance is reminiscent of origami objects. High in the trees, the birds appear to have settled their home in the branches. Through their migratory journey, these lighting birds have nestled in various places around the world. Every new resting place gives the lighting birds a new unique vitality.
  12. Electron Drawing-Visual Music by Tim Nohe (Baltimore, MD) Electron Drawing-Visual Music encourages audiences of all ages to become active creators of live technological art and beautiful mathematically derived music and drawings. This interactive artwork is rooted in expressive drawing, fascinating mathematical discoveries of the 19th century, and the “switched-on” synthesizer music of the 1960s.   Audiences directly shape the video-projected electronic drawings and music through a joystick and button arcade controllers.
  13. Communication Gaps by GSP Studio (Baltimore, MD) Communication Gaps is a collaborative interactive light and sound sculpture. Set on water and using the harbor itself as medium, the aim of Communication Gaps is to use movement, light, and sound to express yourself to the participant across the canal. Use your own movement to control the ways the light and sound travel over the water. Create a visual conversation and bridge the communication gaps between you and the person on the other side.
  14. OVO by OVO Collective (Belgium) OVO is a multi-sensory art installation to which an interactive dimension is provided by the plays of light and by visual and acoustic animations. The visitor is invited to walk on a path in the water to reach the interior of the egg shaped sculpture, as if to vanish into a metaphysical mist. In this participatory creation, the spectator becomes fully actor of one’s experience.
  15. Sueños by Edgar Reyes (Baltimore, MD) Sueños acknowledges and celebrates the Latino Community’s struggle for social justice. It was developed in collaboration with artist Edgar Reyes and Latino youth from Baltimore City and Langley Park. The artwork highlights and reflects their complex racial makeup and honors loved ones who have died migrating to the United States. The installation creatively displays their unique experience in embracing their distinct cultures; that are a mixture of Native, African, and European traditions.
  16. Drift by Stephanie Imbeau (Berlin/New York) A site-specific installation covering three sailboats with umbrellas will celebrate the deep natural harbor and the beauty of community and highlight the importance of boats to Balitmore’s history. At night, lights beneath the umbrellas will cause the sculpture itself to glow, creating colorful reflections on the water.
  17. Flawless Light Installation by Gonzalo Bascuñan/ Studio ALEX (Netherlands) Interpreting the change of seasons through illuminated leaves, this piece interprets the natural process of photosynthesis through a magic chemistry concept called photoluminesce. During the daytime, the leaves absorb energy from the sunlight, giving them a bright green glowing color at night.
  18. Space in the Middle by KMA (UK) This interactive experience uses light and two surfaces to create a bids eye view of projected light, sound and imagery.
  19. MoonGARDEN by Lucion (Canada) MoonGARDEN will feature 25 inflated vinyl bubbles, ranging from 6′ to 30′ in diameter that tell a poetic story of the Baltimore spirit through Shadow Theater, the oldest imaging technique in the world.
  20. Aquarium Car by Stéphane Masson (France) In this contemplative video installation, a car transforms into a virtual aquarium by filling progressively with water where giant goldfish are swimming until the water disappears.
  21. Shabamanetica by Eric Dyer (Baltimore, MD) The recent expansion of the Panama Canal promises an increased connection between China and the East Coast’s most suited port city for megacargo ships–Baltimore. Shabamanetica takes the form of two 7’-diameter circular sculptures that present complex, multi-plane, motion-collages of three very different places that will become more connected through international commerce: Shanghai, Panama and Baltimore. The sculptures are brought to animated life when spun by the public. Eight radiating handles aid spinning and evoke the shape of a ship’s wheel, while strobes provide synchronous light.
  22. Peacock by Tim Scofield & Kyle Miller with Steve Dalnekoff and Will Cocks (Baltimore, MD) Peacock is a continuation of Scofield and Miller’s experimentation with large-scale kinetic sculpture. The plume of the Peacock is automated to open and close using an intricate series of hinges attached to hydraulically driven pushrods. When fully extended the plume stretches 40 feet wide by 20 feet tall and is lighted with 15,000 individually addressable LEDs. This piece would not exist without the help of light technicians Steve Dalnekoff and Will Cocks.
  23. Mini Light City at Kaufman Pavilion, Rash Field: Families can visit Mini Light City for hands-on, illuminated craft activities in a youth makers’ tent, children’s entertainers and whimsical snacks nightly from 5:00pm-8:00pm. Featured performers include Baltimore Hoop Love, Baltimore Jazz Alliance, Black Cherry Puppet Theater, Brassanova, Crescent Moon Karagoz Shadow Puppet Theater featuring Cliff Long, Dance & Bmore FazaFam, Misako Ballet, Peabody Bass Trio, Urban Choral Arts Society & Xpressive4ever Dance, Inc. Learn more about each performer here.
  24. Light Up The Night! Music & Performance Stage at the Inner Harbor Ampitheather: Music at Light City invites the world to experience Baltimore’s talented music scene with uniquely curated live concerts each night featuring local, regional and national acts.

* The following project descriptions are arranged by location, which is subject to change. More BGE Light Art Walk stops to come.

Just Steps Away from the BGE Light Art Walk…*

Nightly Moments: Festivities kick off on opening night starting at the Maryland Science Center and ending at Harbor East. Nightly Moments begins with a Light City Opening Night Parade by Creative Alliance followed by themed celebrations at 8pm each night including illuminated public workouts, bike parties and more. On the last two nights of Light City, Pittsburgh’s critically acclaimed Squonk Opera will create a pageant of double-decker human powered stages to create post-industrial performances with original music, design and stages.


Brilliant Baltimore:
Brilliant Baltimore is an initiative spearheaded by the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts (BOPA), to encourage local businesses to light their buildings during Light City. In an effort to make Downtown Baltimore and the surrounding neighborhoods vibrant for the festival, BOPA is encouraging local businesses, institutions, garages, residential buildings, marinas, universities and neighbors, to use the Light City colors to light up their building façade and landscaping. The goal is to have Baltimore shine and generate civic pride by participating and creating an even more spectacular annual event for 2017.

* More to be announced.

Light City Also Features…

Labs@LightCity — Sparking Social Change


April 3–April 8


Labs@LightCity, Light City’s daytime innovation conferences brings together national and local thought leaders and engaged, inspired citizens from diverse backgrounds to explore cutting edge concepts for sparking social change. New: Labs@LightCity sessions will be more interactive, hands-on and include more participatory two-way interactive dialogue.


Conference speakers include New York Times best-selling author and blogger Luvvie Ajayi, Award-winning educator and spoken word poet Donovan Livingston, Founder of Food Tank Danielle Neirenberg, Pulitzer Prize-winning scientist Siddhartha Mukherjee, author and columnist D. Watkins, International Chef, Author and Restaurateur Marcus Samuelsson, Co-founder of O’Reilly Media & CEO of Maker Media Dale Dougherty, CEO and Strategist Nilofer Merchant, and New York Times best-selling author Alec Ross.


HealthLab@LightCity presented by Kaiser Permanente: 4/3, IMET Columbus Center at the Inner Harbor, 701 East Pratt Street


GreenLab@LightCity presented by BGE: 4/4, IMET Columbus Center


EduLab@LightCity presented by University System of Maryland: 4/5, IMET Columbus Center


SocialLab@LightCity: 4/6, IMET Columbus Center


DesignLab@LightCity presented by Brown Advisory: 4/7, IMET Columbus Center


FoodLab@LightCity presented by Visit Baltimore: 4/8, IMET Columbus Center


Youth Labs@LightCity


April 3–7


YouthLabs@LightCity will take place in five offsite locations and are an opportunity for Baltimore City Public School teens selected through the Office of Community Engagement with identified interests to attend a lab designed specifically for them with a speaker from an aligned Lab@LightCity and educational partner. The teens will have a hands-on activity designed by the educational partner in collaboration with BOPA that pertains to a theme presented by the guest speaker, a brief presentation from the speaker, time to converse with the speaker, lunch, and a goodie bag with a signed copy of the speaker’s book and Light City swag.


Youth EduLab: 4/3, Brown Advisory


Youth ArtEduLab: 4/4, Frederick Douglass Museum


Youth SocialLab: 4/5, Cylburn Mansion


Youth DesignLab: 4/6, OpenWorks


Youth FoodLab: 4/7, Great Kids Farm


Neighborhood Lights presented by T. Rowe Price
March 31–April 8


Baltimore has always been a city of neighborhoods, with each one offering its own history, culture and flavor. This year, the magic of Light City will extend to eight distinct neighborhoods through an immersive community artist-in-residence program, Neighborhood Lights. Artists and community groups will design and develop a collaborative illuminated piece reflecting the personality of participating neighborhoods.


Coldstream Homestead Montebello: Light Elephant, Jonathan Taube & Iman Djouini
(4/1, 7–9:30pm, Lake Montebello near the Hillen St. entrance) (Rain Date: Sunday, April 2)


Greater Mondawmin: Safe & Sound presented by BGE, LabBodies featuring April Danielle Lewis
(4/7, 8–10:30pm, Hanlon Park) (Rain Date April 8)


Hamilton Lauraville: FloraLume | Harford Rd. AGLOW, Maura Dwyer
(April 1, 6-10pm, 4500 Harford Rd) (Rain Date: April 2)


Hampden: The Changing Face of Hampden, Isaac Ewart
(3/31–4/8, 6–11pm, The Ideal Art Space, 905 W 36th St, Roosevelt Park, 1221 W 36th St )


Little Italy: The Sweetness of Doing Nothing presented by Kaiser Permanente, Laure Drogoul
(Performances: 3/31 at 8pm & 4/1 8pm, High St. between Eastern Ave. & Pratt St.)


Sandtown-Winchester: Spread Light Sandtown, Malaika Aminata Clements
(4/7, 7–11pm, William Pinderhughes Elementary School)


Station North: DUOX4Odell’s: An Oral History, Wickerham & Lomax
(3/31–4/8, 12–11pm, 1723 N Charles St)


Waverly: PROTEAN, Jose Andres Rosero- Curet
(4/6-4/8, 6–10pm, 32nd & Brentwood)

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