Vision & Core Values


Light City is a stage to showcase Baltimore as an international city, highlighting its people, its music, its creativity, its innovation, and its BRILLIANCE.


The lights will transform our physical surroundings into a wondrous illuminated playground for the imagination, while the conference and workshops will bring together great thinkers and leaders to exchange ideas and create the connections that spur innovation. The music of Light City will provide the score for the entire experience.


The art, music and innovations experiences of Light City will be tied together by our city’s fundamental values:


Photo: Peacock, Tim Scofield and Kyle Miller


Pioneering collaborations between artists working in all types of media and performance, as well as collaborations between artists and technological innovators, are important components of Light City. Over the past several years, Baltimore has become a well-known hub of musical experimentation and invention; it’s with this spirit that Light City encourages collaborative work that crosses all creative endeavors. Artist collaborations include sculptors, painters, animators, performance artists, filmmakers, musicians, DJs, dancers, actors, students, architects, graphic designers, educators, scientists, engineers, technology experts, etc.


Happening in tandem with the illuminated public artworks and performances, will be a conference designed to attract local, national and international technological innovators. The goal will be to marry these creative minds with those of artists working here and across the globe. Light City will be actively seeking out scientists, engineers and other technology experts working in the Greater Baltimore Region.


The Inner Harbor is the northern-most end of the Northwest branch of the Patapsco River, which empties into the Chesapeake Bay, home to well over 300 species of fish and birds. Environmental impact is an important consideration to the region, and was reflected in designing artworks for display along its harbor. Many of the installations utilize sustainability as its subject matter and include sustainability measures. Sustainability measures defined as artwork that is human powered, or work that utilizes solar panels to charge batteries, or one that filters water, or one that utilizes LED technology, etc. Light City will be compiling energy consumption totals for all artworks and performances.


Photo: Human Effect, Yandell Walton


Projects and performances actively engage the audience and provide a unique and memorable experience for the festival goer. Works are visually compelling through design, color and scale, interactive, and incorporate varied artistic practices Installed projects and performances encourage exploration and participation, are installed in unexpected ways and/or provide surprises for viewers. Artworks welcoming to all festival visitors and should lack barriers for those with special accessibility needs.


Photo: The Pool, Jen Lewin


By bringing together the efforts of the brightest creative minds in the fields of art, music, performance, and technology, Light City will be an inspirational and transformative experience for both the participant and the festival attendee. Some artworks cause attendees to see situations in new ways, rethink their deeply held beliefs and reflect on key societal issues of justice and equality.