Plan Your Visit

Light City 2017 is an enjoyable experience for everyone. With so much to see and do, you may need a little guidance in planning your visit. Below are suggested options for families, couples or general information while strolling along the BGE Light Art Walk:

Light City Deals & Promotions

During the evening, Light City will feature the BGE Light Art Walk, 23 large-scale light art works, 50 concerts and 125 illuminated performances, but that’s not all there is to see and do. Many of Baltimore’s attractions and museums will host daytime programming, including exhibits, performances and special Light City-themed experiences. In addition, many restaurants, attractions and retailers have teamed up to offer special promotions and discounts for patrons as a part of Light City.


Family – Friendly Light City

Attending Light City with children in tow? Make sure you visit these attractions, all of which are near the Maryland Science Center:


1. Big Wheel – (Stop #1) Ride high above Light City on a LED Ferris wheel.


2. Mini Light City – (Stop #2) From 5-8pm nightly at the Kaufman Pavilion, families can visit Mini Light City for hands-on, illuminated craft activities in a youth makers’ tent, children’s entertainers and performing artists, music and whimsical snacks.


3. Charm City Carousel – (Stop #4) Special illumination on the existing old-fashioned amusement ride.


4. Impulse by Lateral Office and CS Design (Canada) presented by Kaiser Permanente – (Stop #11) Impulse is an interactive work comprising seesaws of various sizes, with lighting and sound. To activate them, one person sits down on each end. The seesaws, fitted with LED lights and speakers, then produce a series of beautiful sounds.


5. The Pool [Reflect] – (Stop #12) The Pool [Reflect] is an adaptation of The Pool and Super Pool that uses a system of interactive, reflective dichroic platforms to create a dynamic landscape of interactive light.


PS – We got you covered with kid-friendly food and beverage, located on the Inner Harbor promenade across from both Mini Light City and the Kaiser Permanente Thrive Garden on West Shore Park.


Nearest bathrooms: West Shore Park, near Light Street.


Nearest Guest Services location: Inner Harbor Promenade across from West Shore Park.

Techie Light City

Calling all those who are into gaming and VR! Be sure to enjoy these interactive installations:


1. THE DIVIDED LINE by The RE/PUBLIC: (k.lechleiter ARCHITECT, PI.KL Studio, LED BETTER STUDIO, Elsa Haarstad, BETHETO Studios) in collaboration with Elemental Metalworks (Baltimore, MD) – (Stop #15) THE DIVIDED LINE is an interactive installation utilizing Virtual Reality (VR) to provide an alternate framework as an interpretation of an idealized construct to be inhabited.


2. sono:lumo by sono:lumo (Baltimore, MD) presented by Greater Baltimore Committee – (Stop #40) sono:lumo is an interactive installation that converts sound waves into rings of colorful light. It responds to environmental noise, such as voice or a musical instrument, with splashes of color that propagate through the structure like ripples in a pond.


3. Virtual Reality Museum- (open from April 3-8, 6-8pm, at the IMET Columbus Center lobby) This revolutionary exhibition explores the new technologies that make preserving culture and history possible. Come explore objects in Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D print that have been lost in their tangible forms, and renewed through these platforms.


4. Electron Drawing-Visual Music by Timothy Nohe (Baltimore, MD) – (Stop #35) Electron Drawing-Visual Music encourages audiences of all ages to become active creators of live technological art and beautiful mathematically derived music and drawings.


5. Shabamanetica by Eric Dyer (Baltimore, MD) – (Stop #44) Shabamentica takes the form of two 7’-diameter circular sculptures that present complex, multi-plane, motion-collages of Shanghai, Panama and Baltimore that are activated by the public.


6. Communication Gaps by (Baltimore, MD) presented by M&T Bank – (Stop #42) A collaborative interactive light and sound sculpture using the harbor itself as medium, the aim of Communication Gaps is to use movement, light, and sound for festival-goers to express themselves to the participant across the water. Use your own movement to control the ways the light and sound travel over the water.


7. The Space in the Middle by KMA (United Kingdom) – (Stop #50) This interactive experience uses light and two surfaces to create a bird’s eye view of projected light, sound and imagery.

Made in Baltimore

1. 2nd Annual Creative Alliance Lantern Parade (or, if you can’t make it on March 31, all of any of our opening night events)


2. ARGO by Jann Rosen-Queralt, Marian Ochoa and Kirsten Walsh (Baltimore, MD) – (Stop #9) A 70-foot free-standing sculpture and immersive installation, ARGO underscores the profound influence of water.


3. Light Happenings Part II by Labbodies (Baltimore, MD) – (Stop #29) A site-specific, multimedia installation and performance program examining some of the most devastating moments in history and their relationship to contemporary acts of violence in the United States. The installation will be activated throughout the festival by audience participation and live performances by regional and national performance artists.


4. Kinetic Kauchii/Dekosofa by Formstone Castle Collective (Baltimore, MD) – (Stop #32) Take a ride with this DekoTora-inspired, whimsical roving living-room, Formstone Castle Collective’s Baltimorean interpretation of the DekoTora truck aesthetic.


5. Sueños by Edgar Reyes (Baltimore, MD) – (Stop #46) Sueños acknowledges and celebrates the Latino Community’s struggle for social justice. It was developed in collaboration with artist Edgar Reyes and Latino youth from Baltimore City and Langley Park. The artwork highlights and reflects their complex racial makeup and honors loved ones who have died migrating to the United States.


6. Light City Bars – Light City is proud to feature 100% local craft brews from Heavy Seas Beer CrossBones Session IPA, The Brewers Art Resurrection Ale, Union Craft Brewing Anthem, Sagamore Spirit Sagamore Spirit Rye, ecologically friendly, Bota Box Wine: Pinot Grigio, and REDVOLUTION, Moscato. All Light City Bars will proudly feature Golden Hour, the official 2017 Light City Cocktail, features Sagamore Rye and was created by Eric Fooy, B&O Brasserie; as well as water. You can also purchase the official Light City 2017 t-shirt for just $10! The good news is, all beverage proceeds directly benefit the festival. Do your part to keep the festival free!

Self-Guided Tours – Date Night at Light City

If you’re visiting Light City with your sweetie, don’t miss these romantic stops:


1. Enjoy a glass of wine in Harbor East; Stop by the Aquarium Car by Stéphane Masson (France)(Stop #56) In this contemplative video installation, a car transforms into a virtual aquarium by filling progressively with water where giant goldfish are swimming until the water disappears.


2. Post your selfie on social from OUR HOUSE by Tom Dekyvere (Belgium) – (Stop #34) Using an illuminated nylon fabric across the suspension bridge of Piers 3 & 4, OUR HOUSE illustrates togetherness and collaboration in contrast with nature and technology through the metaphoric symbols of sound and vision.


3. OVO Collective by OVO Collective (Mostafa Hadi & Pol Marchandise (Odeaubois) — Sculpture Koert Vermeulen (ACT lighting Design) — Lighting design Marcos Viñals Bassols — Scenography) (Belgium) presented by LifeBridge Health – (Stop #25) OVO is a multi-sensory art installation to which an interactive dimension is provided by the plays of light and by visual and acoustic animations.


4. Be sure to stop by House of Cards by OGE Group (Israel) presented by Downtown Partnership of Baltimore and PNC Bank – (Stop #21) House of Cards is made of 128 light boxes in the form of playing cards, which in turn appear according to a choreography as a rhythmic play of light and shadows; virtually building up and breaking down; a vivid energetic play of light.